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The following equipment categories will be used for our directory as well as for customer referral. Select all that apply.

A. Disaster Equipment N. Trucks - One Way
B. Generators O. Computers
C. Traffic Control P. Medical - Sickroom
D. Forklifts Q. Audio Visual Equipment
E. Scaffolding R. Recreation
F. High Reach Equipment S. Party Equipment
G. Heavy Construction Equipment T. Catering
H. Light Construction Equipment U. Party Supplies
I. Homeowner Equipment V. Special Event Props
J. Lawn and Garden W. Tables and Chairs
K. Utility Trailers - Local X. Tents
L. Utility Trailers - One Way Y. Wedding Accessories
M. Trucks - Local Z. Other:


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Note: When you submit this form, it will send your info directly to CRA and you will atutomatically be taken to a page where you may complete Step 2 - Selecting your Membership Level. Then you will be transferred to our credit card processor, 360 Payment Solutions PayTrace, where you may complete Step 3 - Pay with Credit Card on their secure website. IMPORTANT: All three steps must be finished for your application to be considered complete.


Questions? Please contact CRA at or call 916.922.4222 / Toll Free: 800.272.7400